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Moby Dick magic mushrooms are a cross between Albino A+ and Golden Teacher, and they’re simply amazing. Potent, easy to grow and huge, they are sure to please novices and seasoned psychonauts alike.


Can i buy MONDO VIAL ‘PSILOCYBE ,Mushroom Spore Vials. Moby Dick is a highly potent cross between Albino A+ and the world famous Golden Teacher. Albino A+ brings its peculiar colouration and extraordinary power to the table, whereas Golden Teacher provides easy growth and insightful, pleasant effects. Together, they make for a wonderful cultivating and tripping experience. These mushrooms can grow rather large, often getting bigger with each subsequent flush. Unusually, the caps tend to drop before they reach full maturity, so hold off a little before picking them!

This mushroom spore vial kit includes:

  • 1 x 10ml spore vial
  • 1 x hypodermic needle
  • 1 x alcohol swab

psilocybe cubensis grow bag

For colonization, the ideal temperature is around 27–30℃. If you can maintain this temperature, full colonization should take around 2 weeks. After this, you’ll want to open up the grow bag and place it in a humidity tent. You should see mushrooms growing within a week or so and usually you will get more flushes for a couple of weeks after this. Get ready for loads of potent magic mushrooms!


magic mushroom spore vials uk | mushroom spore vial | mushroom spores vial | vial for mushroom spores| vials spor magic mushroom After using the syringe to inoculate the substrate, cake, or LC  with Albino A+, you can reuse the empty syringe after you have sterilized the needle. This can be done with a spirit burner or lighter. Burn the needle by keeping it in the flame long enough to make it glow orange. Let it cool down before you insert the needle again. Instead of reusing one, you can also order a sterile needle separately

Buy Albino A+ psilocybe cubensis spore vial. Store the Albino A+ vial in the refrigerator between 2°C – 8°C or 35°F – 46°F. Leave the ‘septa protecting stopper cap’ in place when storing the vial. After removing this protective cap, always sterilize the septa with an alco prep before you insert the syringe.

Albino A+ spore vials can be stored this way for 2 year after leaving our warehouse.


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