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Mondo Vial Psilocybe cubensis McKennaii – This potent strain has obviously been named after the famous American philosopher, writer, researcher, teacher and psychonaut Terence McKenna. And the name is well chosen because the consumption of fruit-bodies of this strain induces a very philosophical trip with medium to strong visuals. Great for microscopic research as well.


MONDO VIAL ‘PSILOCYBE FOR SALE – The content of this vial is great for research of the fungal reproduction process, but you might as well become a breeder and grow your own McKennaii mushrooms. The name of this strain is a tribute to the famous American philosopher, writer, researcher, teacher and psychonaut Terence McKenna and the trailing “ii” refers to the so called “Hawaiian” cubensis variety and its potency and yes, McKennaii is a very potent strain. Use for microscopical research or cultivation and very philosophical trip with medium to strong visuals. Store in a cool and dark place.

Mckennaii Spore Vial Scope Of Delivery:

  • A vial containing 10 ml of spore suspension
  • Empty and sterile syringe
  • 2 alcohol swabs

For colonization, the ideal temperature is around 27–30℃. If you can maintain this temperature, full colonization should take around 2 weeks. After this, you’ll want to open up the grow bag and place it in a humidity tent. You should see mushrooms growing within a week or so and usually you will get more flushes for a couple of weeks after this. Get ready for loads of potent magic mushrooms!

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When injecting the Albino A+ spore solution in a ‘bath of nutrients’, such as the Liquid Culture Growth Medium, the spores will form into mycelium inside this liquid suspension. This is called liquid culture or LC for short. Liquid Culture Growth Medium itself can be used to inoculate substrate and cakes. Liquid culture growth medium has a higher success rate and will be much more reliable than trying to germinate the spores without the use of  LC. In short: Using LCs will increase the chance on mushrooms. Buy Albino A+ psilocybe cubensis spore vial.

Note: The Liquid Culture Growth Medium will not work well with our spore syringes.



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