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Psilocybe cubensis A+ is an albino magic mushroom with strong visual and physical effects. Fast and fairly simple to cultivate, these spore syringes can be used to produce great yields of shrooms at home. One 20ml syringe offers enough spores for up to two inoculations!


MONDO SPORE SYRINGE FOR SALE IN USA , mushroom spore syringes. Psilocybe cubensis A+ produces fruits that are devoid of pigment, essentially rendering them albino. Out of all the cubensis strains, these are perhaps the most unique looking. They tend to grow small but with good yields. In fact, despite not looking so impressive, smaller mushrooms tend to have a higher concentration of psilocybin compared to larger mushrooms of the same strain. In terms of effects, they are known for their visuals and strong physical sensations. However, when it comes to mushrooms, there are huge variations even with strains, so you can never fully predict effects.

Psilocybe cubensis spore syringe | Cubensis spore syringe

In terms of cultivation, Psilocybe cubensis A+ is fairly easy to grow if you use a grow kit. Still, you’ll need warmth and a clean environment. Cubensis A+ requires temperatures of around 28–30℃ to colonise the substrate, and 23–26℃ to fruit abundantly. If these temperatures are not maintained, growth at any stage can slow, halt, or die. So a little heater or heat mat is a worthy investment.

All going well, they’re speedy fungi. Colonisation takes a mere 8–10 days, and they should then fruit over the next couple of weeks. A happy colony can produce a lot of mushrooms, so prepare for a satisfying haul.

  • 1× 20ml spore syringe—enough for up to two inoculations
  • 1× hypodermic needle
  • 1× alcohol swab


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After having prepared your own substrate or cakes you can drop the Albino A+ spore solution directly from the syringe onto these. Press the plunger slowly so that drops of spore solution will come out of the needle. Every drop that will be in contact with the substrate will be a potential mycelium growth point, so spread out these drops all over the substrate to evenly colonize the substrate with mycelium.

How many cakes can you make with spore syringe?

One 20cc spore syringe can easily colonize 6 liters / 13 pints of substrate.

Injection through injection ports

This is almost identical as dropping the spore solution onto the substrate. Open the injection port by pulling back the port protection cap. Use a alco prep to sterilize the injection port entry. Pierce the opening with the needle. Now drop the spore solution evenly over the substrate inside the spawn bag or grow box. After the Albino A+ spore solution is injected, remove the syringe and close the injection port with the port protection cap.


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