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iMicrodose is a product of Red Light Holland geared towards allowing and enabling magic mushroom lovers to enjoy the hallucinogenic drug for a productivity boost. The Kit comes with 15 grams of psilocybe that can be taken in small quantities over some time. The pack is resealable to allow the magic shrooms to stay fresh. It is all about getting the right dosage to allow you to work better without getting overwhelmed.

iMicrodose: Boost your Productivity

iMicrodose packs on Magic mushrooms is not a new thing. People in different industries have been known to use the psilocybes to heighten their creativity, become sharper, heighten their problem-solving skills and ignore distractions while at work. Red Light global mushroom shop decided to aid magic mushroom users to adopt the culture and thus came up with the iMicrodose kit.

How Does it Work?

There is a protocol to follow when using the iMicrodose kit, and it must be followed to the letter.

  • Start with a small dose of 1 gram each day
  • Increase the dose until you get to your desired outcome
  • maintain the dosages and give yourself a few days without any dosage

To get the desired results, you will have to forgo some of your routines, like drinking tea and coffee. Spacing out the dosages lets you busk in the after-effects while at the same time letting your body readjust your tolerance.

Remember that dosages depend on age, physical attributes and psychological factors.

iMicrodose packs Storage

imicrodose Kit is resealable to allow the truffles to remain fresh. It allows the user to administer their ideal microdose perfectly.

With the Red Lights global mushroom shop,you get to use magic truffles for recreational and productivity reasons. Orders yours today from our exotic mushroom store Magic Truffles Shop. There’s no evidence to support any one microdosing schedule. People who choose to experiment with microdosing sometimes take a small amount of the drug a few times a week, or even every day


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