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Buy Double Vision Truffles

Buy Double Vision Truffles. Would you like to experience some tripping on truffles? Consider trying the popular double vision magic truffles. Read on to find out everything you need to know about these magic truffles, preferably psilocybe double vission truffles.

These double vision truffles come with an inviting smell and a delicious taste making them easy to ingest. They contain an active substance, Psilocybin, which is converted into Psilocin once consumed. Psilocin is responsible for causing hallucination and the more you consume it the more the effects.Once ingested, double vision truffles take a little time to be absorbed into the bloodstream, mostly not more than one hour. However, their tripping effects continue for between four to six hours. They mainly affect your enhanced visuals, cause whacky thinking and intense relaxation.

Their effects start with a laugh. It makes it hard for you to control your smile, even for the simple things you encounter. This uncontrolled smile and laughter happen in the first 45 minutes after taking the truffles.

In the following 1 hour to 1 hour 30 mins, you experience increased closed-eye visuals. This is followed by hallucinations, where you see patterns appear on the walls or in the surroundings. Aspects of light, sound, and colour become so intense, and it feels like you are experiencing them for the first time. In extreme cases, faces may start to melt away. The overall outcome is an uncontrolled intense visual trip.

Buy Double Vision Truffles

There are different ways of using double vision truffles, depending on what deems fit for you. You can eat the truffles, add them in tea and soups or prepare them in custard or any other dish.

The trip’s strength depends on the amount you consume, your body weight, and the type of food you eat for that day. If you are using truffles for the first time, start with a small dose, preferably between 5-10 grams, to gauge how your body reacts.

However, if you have experience using truffles, you can consume more for a more intense trip. It is advisable to consume your truffles on an empty stomach. Additionally, ensure that you are in a safe and secure environment where you feel comfortable. It is also advisable to be in the company of a sober friend who will help bring you back to reality during trip.

Storage your Magic Truffles Double Vission

Store your psilocybe double vission truffles in a cool, dry place. You may store them in a fridge at temperatures between 2 to 40C, where they can stay for at least a month. Ensure that you check the expiry date in the packaging to see how long they can last.

Buy Magic Truffles Online – Buy psychedelic truffles

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